Enrique Serván

Enrique Serván came 1989 to Berlin. At this time he was 18 years old. His intention was to study architecture but when he arrived he started to wash dishes in an Italian restaurant. His interest in cooking grew and so he became a chef.

He was born and grew up in Lima, Peru. At his home the family cooked a lot with the typical traditional ingredients like Quinoa dishes and Civiche.

Enriques style of cooking is very aromatic. He tries to combine a lot of different flavours on one plate to achieve an explosion of taste in your mouth.

The thing that he most likes in his job is to see directly how the customers react to his food. He likes to experiment with new flavours and ingredients an this what motivates him.



Enrique Servan (CEO)
Restaurante Serrano

Pfalzburger Strasse 83, 10719 Berlin

Telefon: +493088929244

E mail: hello@restaurante-serrano.de

Ust-Ident. Nr. DE 304876258

Steuer Nr.

Amtsgericht Charlotenburg-Wilmersdorf Berlin 2019