Peruvian Tapas

Learn about our Peruvian specialties.

Ten tapas with our variety: Ceviche, Tiradito, Papa a la Huancaina, Chicharrones, Quinoa and others..
€ 18,00 p.P.
We will gladly answer any questions about our delicious "Piqueos" (Peruvian Tapas).


Ceviche de Halibut

Cold marinated Halibut with lime juice, onions, Peruvian chili and sweet potatoes and big Peruvian corn
€ 17.50

Trilogía de Ceviches

Three kinds of civiche tuna fillet, shrimp-avocado and octopus.
€ 21.50

Causa bicolor rellena de palta (aguacate) y camarones

Cold potato-lime purée of red and yellow potatoes filled with prawn salad and avocado.
€ 15.20

Papas a la Huancaína, Ocopa y Rocoto

Potatoes served three ways with Huancaina (cream-cheese, yellow chili and cracker), Ocopa (black mint-peanut sauce) and Rocoto (Peruvian hot chili) with it a boiled egg and olives.
€ 12.40

Ensalada de Oca con choclo y sacha inchi

Oca salad ( Sour clover tuber) with big corn and sacha inchi (inca nut oil).
€ 10.50


Trilogía de Quinua

Quinoa served three ways (Quinoasalad, red Quinoa croquette and black Quinoa with parmesan cheese).
€ 14,50


Soup of different meats and vegetables.
€ 12,50


Grilled calf heart with different potatoes and Peruvian salsa.
€ 16,60


Seafood fish stew with vegetables.
€ 14,50

Ensalada de camarones

Prawns salad with mango, avocado, baby spinach, Chile and camu-camu dressing.
€ 16,50

Main dish fish

Roasted salmon trout filet with cold peanut-coriander-chili-sauce und sautéed Quinua-vegetables.
€ 19,20
Octopus with vegetables cassava and rocoto-chia sauce.
€ 21,00
Turbot fillet of basil cream, Potatoes and tomatoes vegetables.
€ 26,50
Grilled jumbo prawns with spinach, yellow chilli cream and fried Andean potatoes.
€ 29,00

Main dish

Sautéed rump steak strips with onions, tomatoes, coriander, potato sticks and rice.
€ 22,60
Corn-fed chicken breast with a yellow chili sauce, walnut and parmesan cheese and Andean potatoes.
€ 19,70
Braised rack of lamb with coriander sauce, baked beans and rice.
€ 25,80
Roasted pork to braised air-dried potatoes with peanut butter.
€ 18,40
Grilled Ribeye steak , potatoes, big corn and broad beans.
€ 27,50


Mango cream with caramelized raspberries.
€ 8,80
Purple corn groats with ice Black carob syrup ice cream.
€ 9,40
Milk caramel cream from Lima and foamed cream with chocolate cake.
€ 9,60
Lucuma ice-cream (Peruvian fruit) with chocolate sauce.
€ 9,90
Foam custard from the tree tomato with blackberry sauce.
€ 8,50
Chocolate-chia mousse with caramelised blueberries und physalis.
€ 10,50
Variation of desserts (5 different).
€ 12,50

Open Wines

White wines.

Weissburgunder / CHARDONNAY Grohsartig - dry - Winery Groh | Rheinhessen - Germany.

Citrus fruits smell, yellow fruits and peach. Fine acidity Delicately spicy minerality
0,1 l = € 3,80 | 0,2 l = € 7,50 | 0,75 l = € 25,00

TORRONTÉS & RIESLING Amalaya Blanco - Dry - Winery Colomé | Calchaquí Valley - Argentina.

Fruity-spicy nutmeg smell, pears, apples and orange blossom notes. Refreshing.
0,1 l = € 3,50 | 0,2 l = € 6,80 | 0,75 l = € 23,00

CHARDONNAY Intipalka. Winery Queirolo | Jose de los Molinos - Valley of Ica.

White wine with a great body of grapes picked by hand; tropical fruits smell. Pleasant rounded acidity with a long fruity finish.
0,1 l = € 3,20 | 0,2 l = € 6,50 | 0,75 l = € 22,00

SAUVIGNON BLANC. Anderra | Valley of Maipo.

Fresh and elegant bouquet of citrus and white peach. On the palate, then the passion fruit and grapefruit. The long end reveals the terror of Chile.
0,1 l = € 4,20 | 0,2 l = € 6,90 | 0,75 l = € 24,00

Spritzer white wine.

0,1 l = € 2,90 | 0,2 l = € 4,80

Red wines.

CARMENÈRE. Dry. Anderra | Central Valley - Chile.

Wild berries intense smell, pepper and mocha. Very sustainable in the mouth.
0,1 l = € 3,80 | 0,2 l = € 6,90 | 0,75 l = € 23,00

MALBEC / SYRAH / SANGIOVESE Hereford Red. Dry. Winery La Rosa- Hereford | Mendoza Argentina.

Strong, elegant and well-structured red wine. Blackberries and cherries intense smell.
0,1 l = € 3,50 | 0,2 l = € 6,80 | 0,75 l = € 22,00

SPÄTBURGUNDER dry. Guerrero Winery | Palatinate - Germany.

A Pinot Noir elegant and high quality with fruity smell of cherries and currants.
0,1 l = € 4,20 | 0,2 l = € 7,20 | 0,75 l = € 24,50

CABERNET SAUVIGNON / PETIT VERDOT, PERU. Winery Queirolo | San José de los Molinos - Valley of Ica.

ripe fruit smell, with notes of strawberries and plums. Complex flavor of wild and mature tannins. Long and pleasant finish.
0,1 l = € 4,10 | 0,2 l = € 7,50 | 0,75 l = € 26,00

Pink wines.

SYRAH Rosé - dry - Finca Las Moras | San Juan - Argentina

Intense strawberry smell, fresh pink.
0,1 l = € 3,80 | 0,2 l = € 6,50 | 0,75 l = € 22,50


White wines.

CHARDONNAY Intipalka. Queirolo Winery | Jose de los Mills - Ica. Peru.

White wine of whole body of grapes chosen by hand. Tropical fruit smell, beautiful rounded acidity and long fruity finish.
€ 22

SAUVIGNON BLANC Intipalka Winery Queirolo | Valle Lágrima - Cañete. Peru.

smell of tropical fruits. Passion fruit, green apples, green peppers. Asparagus green, fresh, fruity, alive on the palate, very good acid structure.
€ 24

CHENIN BLANC L.A. Cetto | Valley of Guadalupe. Mexico.

Fresh smell of tropical fruits and citrus fruits. Balanced acid, clear structure. dry.
€ 31

SAUVIGNON BLANC Anderra | Valley of Maipo. Chile.

Fresh and elegant bouquet of citrus and white peach on the palate, then the passion fruit and grapefruit. In the long end, the land of Chile is expressed.
€ 24

CHARDONNAY Red Shield | Valley of Casablanca Chile.

Floral notes on the nose. Subsequently subtle toasted aromas with a little air then very fruity with notes of pineapple and peach. On the palate with fruity notes of mango, papaya and lightly toasted hazelnuts.
€ 35

VERDEJO Marqués El Riscal | Wheel. Spain.

Aromatic white wine, fruity and award-winning.
€ 26

GRÜNER VELTLINER Messwein Winery Stift Göttweig | Kremstal Austria.

Fruity and light, with the classic and delicate flavor of Veltliner, cheering on the nose, complex with citrus notes. Pleasantly fresh, elegant and expressive on the palate, medium length.
€ 26

RIESLING "1,2, Dry" trocken. Weingut Josef Leitz | Rheingau Germany.

Classic Rheingau Riesling: apricot, red apple, lime, wonderful flow of drink.
€ 28

RIESLING "blackboard" dry. Markus Molitor | Mosel. Germany.

Mineral and powerful Riesling, with juices and surprising elegance and length.
€ 34

WEISSBURGUNDER seco. Bodega Van Volxem | Sarre. Germany.

A Pinot Blanc with a lot of depth and incredible minerality and freshness.
€ 42

SILVANER Sulzfelder Old Vines VDP.ORTSWEIN dry. Zehnthof Winery | Franconia Germany.

Dense, multi-layered nose. Smoked aromas. Pronounced minerality Fabric and length.
€ 33

SPÄTBURGUNDER Blanc de Noir dry - BIO - Warehouse bathrooms | RHEINHESSEN. Germany.

Fruity aromas of red fruits and rose hips. Structure, creaminess and freshness.
€ 32

GRAUER BURGUNDER dryBodega Münzberg | palatinate. Germany.

Pineapple and quince smell; Balanced, strong taste.
€ 28

Pink wines.

Sancerre Rosé. Variety of grapes: PINOT NOIR. Domaine Michel Thomas | Loire France.

Fine scent of raspberries, light and delicately spicy with a juicy finish.
€ 39

MERLOT / CABERNET SAUVIGNON Ros de Pacs - Organic - Parés Baltá | Penedès Spain.

Delicate nose with notes of raspberries and cherries. Light and fresh in the mouth. Interesting balance between acidity, a slight sweetness and residual sugar.
€ 25

Red wines.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON | PETIT VERDOT. Intipalka Winery | Valley of Ica. Peru.

Smell of ripe fruit, with soft notes of strawberries and plums. Complex flavor of wild and mature tannins. Long and pleasant finish.
€ 26

SYRAH. Intipalka Winery | Valley of Ica. Peru.

Complex aromatics. Blackberries, notes of pepper, leather, truffle and licorice. Sweet and soft tannins Well structured aftertaste, long and fruity.
€ 27


Gran Reserva wine, aged for 24 months in French and American oak barrels. This variety has intense and complex aromas reminiscent of chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, coffee and cherry, with spicy notes and grains of leather salt. In velvety and rich step, concentrated and balanced with ripe tannins, elegant and long finish.
€ 54

PETITE SIRAH L.A. Cetto | Valley of Guadalupe, Baja California. Mexico.

Smell of red fruits, raspberries and spices, balanced ripe tannins. Velvety and long finish.
€ 29

Private reserve NEBBIOLO. THE. Cetto | Valley of Guadalupe. Mexico.

A full-bodied aroma reminiscent of red fruits, plums, roses and vanilla, the palate is pampered with ripe and balanced tannins.
€ 49

CARMENÈRE Escudo Rojo | Valle de Maipo. Chile.

Very powerful in the bouquet, with aromas of berries, black pepper and some mocha, very powerful on the palate with intense notes of black cherries and a touch of vanilla.
€ 35

CABERNET SAUVIGNON Gran Reserve - Icon wine. More andes | Valley of Maipo, Chile.

On the nose with aromas of fresh blackcurrant and paprika and subtle spicy notes. The palate presents harmonious tannins, mixed with fruity notes and at the same time very soft.
€ 41

Argentina Amalaya de Colomé. Varieties of grapes: MALBEC / CABERNET SAUVIGNON / SYRAH / TANNAT. Bodega Colomé | Calchaquí Valley. Argentina.

Fruity elegance with spicy notes. Good structure Juicy and rounded.
€ 32

Barrel selection SYRAH. Finca Las Moras | San Juan Argentina.

Powerful dry red wine with a firm structure of tannins and an intense aroma of berries.
€ 30

Barrel selection MALBEC. Finca Las Moras | San Juan Argentina

Concentrated, mocha, dark chocolate, blackberries, "Jam".
€ 29

Reservation. Variety of grapes: TEMPRANILLO. Winery Montecillo | the Rioja. Spain.

Elegant and complex nose of blackberries and a touch of fennel. Intense and perfectly balanced flavor of ripe dark fruits and delicate woody aromas. Very long and sustainable end.
€ 35

The Mirenda de Secastilla. Varieties of grapes: GARNACHA, SOME JARADAS. Viñas del Vero | Somontano Spain.

Delicate and velvety structure of tannin, delicate spicy flavor, aromas of light berry fruit.
€ 35

Chateau Larose Trintaudon, Cru Bourgeois. Grape Varieties: CABERNET SAUVIGNON / MERLOT / CABERNET FRANC. Haut-Médoc | Bordeaux. France.

Classic and elegant Médoc style; In the bouquet there are traces of vanilla and dark berries; Fruity-bitter substance. Harmonious seasoning. Fine tannins.
€ 49

Gigondas Varieties of grapes: GRENACHE / CINSAULT / SYRAH / MOURVÈDRE. Michel Chapoutier | Rhone. France.

Strong and fine. Strawberry jam, pepper. In the taste floral notes: rich in tannins and spicy.
€ 59

Exclusives of France.

Brio du Cantenac Brown 2012.

Second wine of Château Cantenac Brown | Margaux | Bordeaux.
€ 75

Château Vray de Croix de Gay 2007.

Pomerol | Bordeaux.
€ 97

Château Canon la Gaffelière 2004.

1 Grand Cru Classé B | St. Emilion | Bordeaux.
€ 122

Sparkling wines.

Sparkling cube, extra dry. Germany. Rüdesheim Winery | Rheingau

Fine fruity aromas, pleasant freshness, subtle sweetness.
Glas 0,10 l = € 4,50 | Flasche 0,75 l = € 29

Cava Brut - BIO - Spain. Varieties of grapes: MACABEO, XAREL-LO, PARELLADA. Parés Baltá | Penedès

On the nose fruity aromas of apple and pear, complemented by subtle brioche notes. The palate is fresh and alive, with a well integrated perlage and a fruity finish.
Glas 0,10 l = € 6,50 | Flasche 0,75 l = € 35


Piper-Heidsieck race. Varieties of grapes: PINOT NOIR 50-55%, PINOT MEUNIER 20-25% AND CHARDONNAY 15-20% Champagne Piper Heidsieck.

Light golden color; Perlage very fine and animated. The nose is dominated by fresh fruits, with aromas of pears and ripe apples and some citrus notes such as carambola. Fresh grapes, with a little anise. Structured and full in the mouth. Juicy, after delicious pears and grapes. Soft texture and a beautiful presence. Very harmonious.
1/2 Flasche 0,375 l = € 39 | Flasche 0,75 l = € 69

Dessert wine France

Banyuls. Rebsorten: GRENACHE NOIR. Michel Chapoutier | Banyuls.

Dark maroon red to mahogany; Depending on the age of the wine; Strong in the nose. Black and cooked fruits with cocoa notes. In the flavor, a magnificent balance between remarkable density and tannins rich in delicacy. Sustainable, with a pleasant softness in the finish.
Glas 0,05 l = € 3,90 | Flasche 0,50 l = € 35


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